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The tool is a CMD program line (with some free time I will create Powershell Snippet) that allows you to:

  • Export all the Term Group of a specified Term Store in your SharePoint farm.
  • Choose your favorite export type: Excel, for business purpose, or XML, for technical purpose
  • Import the XML file that, may be, you have modified, or created from scratch

Below some image of how the tool it is supposed to work and the results obtained.

In my Term Store I have created a simple structure of taxonomy field. I did it creating several labels for some term and having also multilingual terms.

When you execute the software you will see the required and optional parameters: quite self-explanatory.

Once you have exported your data you will have the result shown below. When you export in Excel you will obtain a XLS file for each Term Group and one sheet per TermSet you have in the group. The excel shows visually the hierarchy of your taxonomy and the LCID of the term. The first value of the row will be always the default value of the term and then all the labels (specified per language).

In the XML file you will have all the information necessary as the ID of the items, if they are default value etc...

It worked for me, I hope it will also for you...enjoy!

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